Library Hours


7.30 am - 4 pm


7.30 am - 6 pm

Library Staff

Mr. Daniel Bradford

Head Librarian

Ms. April Hunter

Library Technician

(310)-551-5100 X 8145

Library News

Library Rules

ID Cards:  Needed to use computers and to check out books.

Food and drink:  Only water is OK in the library!

Cellphones:  Everything cellphoney is OK except talking on the phone!


1 free color print per day--25 cents for each additional page

10 free black/white prints per day--10 cents for each additional page

Book Checkout:

The 3-3-9 Rule

3 books

3 weeks

9 weeks total (2 renewals)

Respect:  Please be respectful of other students and staff at all times!

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Library Vision: BHHS students will have multiple literacies for college and career.

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