Password and User Name for All Gale Databases



Passwords and user names are needed for off-campus and mobile device access

EBSCOHost Databases (Temporary--Trial Basis)

User Id:  bhhs2016

Password:  ebsco

Go to the bottom of the page  for a user's guide!

Password and User Name for ProQuest Databases

Password and User Name for Granger's Poetry Databases





Gale databases MIGHT just need the password!  If there's only one field blank, type in the word library.

Need Help?  Download a Guide:

Opposing Viewpoints Guide

Need help logging onto ProQuest at home?  Here's the steps to log onto a ProQuest personal account:

1. Create the account AT SCHOOL because authentication is by IP address!
2. When logging on at home, FIRST go to and then click on ProQuest.  LOG IN with the SCHOOL CREDENTIALS:  

Password =  LIBRARY212

3. After logging in using those credentials, THEN click on the "person" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose "Sign into MyResearch".  THEN the students can sign on with the personal account they created at school. 

EBSCOHost Guide

Biography in Context Guide

ProQuest Quick Guide

World History in Context Guide