Library Vision: BHHS students have multiple literacies for college and career.

1. Students gain information literacy and digital literacy skills to gather quality information for work and school.

  • Students search internet resources efficiently and evaluate the quality of online sources.

  • Students use high quality digital resources such as databases.

  • Library staff help students with technology access and questions before/after school, during lunch, and at teacher request.

  • Teachers collaborate with Librarian to provide information literacy lessons.

2. Students have literacy skills for effective communication in both college and careers.

  • Students read widely and often to strengthen writing and speaking skills.

  • Library staff and web site provide digital tools for creative multimedia presentations .

3. Students have the cultural literacy, digital citizenship, and financial literacy to be responsible employees and citizens.

  • Cultural Literacy: Students access a library collection that celebrates the diversity of our community and beyond.

  • Digital Citizenship: Library lessons teach students safe, ethical, and responsible internet use.

  • Financial Literacy:  Library teaches students to recognize reliable financial advice, online scams, and hidden advertising.